Which Wildfang® chew do I need?

The selection of chews at Wildfang® is large, but which one is the best choice for my dog? The most important thing here is the bite strength of your dog or puppy and the passion for chewing. If your furry friend prefers to chew all day long, you should choose a chewing item with a high chewing strength (++/+++), such as heather chewing root, olive wood or coffee wood - optionally also with salmon oil.
However, if your furry friend chews occasionally, has sensitive teeth or is a little older, chewing products with a lower chewing strength are more suitable, such as the leather bones, the hard cheese or the Bunky Pops, which can be easily puffed up in the microwave.

Convince yourself of the difference: Wildfang® premium food

With us, only the highest quality gets between your dog or puppy's teeth. We only use a few ingredients in our recipes - this makes it easier to understand the quality of our food.

Our premium dry food does not need any flavors or flavor enhancers. Acceptance comes naturally from the natural taste of high-quality meat and fresh vegetables. It is ideal as a complete feed and is a very delicate choice.

Our premium wet food is also ideal as a complete feed for your dog and is characterized by its unique B.A.R.F quality in chicken, beef or lamb varieties.